Sonic Planet Playlist — 1/15/11


uDawetha/Introducing/Shiyani Ngcobo

Tchela Kuwomile/Rough Guide to Marrabenta Mozambique/Mario Ntimane

Eme Lelu/Angola Soundtrack/Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo

Guerreros Africanos/Afro Latino Soul/Bryan Vargas

Macongo Me Chiquita/Angola Soundtrack/Fereira Do Nasciemento

Ismaa/Jazz Sahara/Ahmed Abdul Malik

Stand Together/Hour of Two Lights/Terry Hall and Mushtaq

From The Station To The Mill/Rough Guide to Central Asia/Ashkabad


Lam Toey Chaweewan/Sounds of Siam/Chaweewan Dumnern

Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Ki/Various Artists

isan klab tin/Sound of Siam/thapporn petchubon, noknoi uraiporn
thongthai tin isan

Rowing the Boat,  Hat Cheo Thuyen/Traditional Music of Vietnam/Pham Duc Thanh

Kai Tom Yum/Sound of Siam/Kawaw Siang Thong

Shonen Knife/Pretty Little Baka Guy/

An Elephant Orchestra’s Swan Song/Rough Guide to Thailand/Thai Elephant Orchestra

Moo Lam ‘Lam Teai’/Rough Guide to Thailand/Chawiwan Dumnoen

Nelayan/Folk Pop Sounds of Sumatra/Iswani Ismail

Ayam Den Lapeh/Folk and Pop Sound of Sumatra/Elly Kasim

Stabul Naturil/Music of Indonesia vol. 20: Indonesia Guitars/Usman Achmad

Weibayuwa/Laru Beya/Aurelio

Hermosa/Amatoria/Federico Aubele

Corrido Del Mono (Tragedia en Palo Alto/Corrido Del Mono/Mariachi Los Gavilanes de Oakland

Gary’s Polka/Deep Polka/Ken and the Country Dutchmen

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