Playlist: Feb. 5th, 2011


celebration/vietnam~ laos* gongs/muong

Ding Ding Dong/Sounds of Siam/Waipod Phetsuphan

Water of Life/Pacu’s Trip/A Moving Sound

unknown/unknown record album (Hong Kong)/unknown

Chinese New Year/Inspiration Information 3/Mulatu Astatke / The Heliocentrics

Nom Samai Mai/Sound of Siam/Saknatee Srichiangmai

Yegelle Tezeta/New York – Addis – London: The Story of Ethio Jazz…/Mulatu Astatke

unknown/unknown/unknown (Hong Kong LP)

Lai Pu Pa Lan/The Flower of Isan: Songs & Music from Northeast Thailand/Musicians of Isan Slete

Mascaram Setaba/NY – Addis – London/Mulatu Astatke

Uning-Uningan/The Rough Guide to the Music of Indonesia/Pege Sakarimpang

It is Echoing all Over the World/Divine music from a Jail/Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun

Wadil Muluk (Valley of Kings)/Guitar el Chark/Omar Khorshid

Insh’allah B’Kahir (Maina)/B’Ivrit/Cheikh Mwijo

Wamid/Yemen Blues/Yemen Blues

Om Min Al Yaman/Yemen Blues/Yemen Blues

Homyoun/Taaj/Taaj Esfahani

Lailadance/Odessa/havana/David Buchbinder



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