Sonic Revolutions — 2/26/11

Note: Thanks to Nevin for the YouTube  audio and links and for on air commentary and translations.


Dhun in Bhatiyali/Dhun/Ust. Shahid Parvez Khan

Harochoman Yakim Lanu/The Essential Shlomo Carlbach/ Shlomo Carlbach

Raga Jhinjoti/Ragas/U. Shahid Khan, Nishi Kant Barodekar

Overture, Sand/Electric Moroccoland/Club d’Elf

Saut al hureiya/ youtube anthemصوت-الحريه/

Street demo from Tunisia (Tunisian Revolution)

Rebel/Arabian Knightz w/Lauren Hill/

Kelmti Horra/Amel Mathlouthi/ Tunisia

Belshazzar/Bootleg Vol. 2/Johnny Cash
Green Revolution/Palestinian Artists

Blinded Freedom/Slingshot Hip Hop/Mahmoud Shalabi
Bahrain/Richmond Hotline Shaw
Egyptian Revolution Song live in Tahrir Square

Min el Taboor/Mashrou’ Leila/Mashrou’ Leila

Libyan song from youtube

Revolution 2.0/

Mouhammad Ali Street/Shake Me Ya Gamal, Vol. 1/Gamal Goma

The Naming/The Naming/Galeet Dardashti

Azadi (The New Complexity)/The Secret Song/D.J. Spooky

Palestinian Song from youtube

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