1-29-12, 4-6pm
Artist, Song Title, Album
  1. Alexandroid, Rhodes Theme #1, Datcha Studio
  2. Kink Pressure, Cold Wine, Datcha Studio
  3. Alexandroid, Astrafilter, Datcha Studio
  4. Izabo, Slow Disco, Super Light
  5. Susheeha Raman, Save Me, Love Trap
  6. Tinariwen, Mararaden Anexan, Radio Tisdas Sessions
  7. Shankar, No More Mr. Nice Girl, Touch Me There
  8. Chico Cesar and Les Fabulous Trobadors, Il Faut Payer, Drop the Debt
  9. Gonzaguinha, Tanacara, Beleza Tropical
  10. Ladysmith Black Mambazo,
  11. 10ft Ganja Plant, Recession, Shake Up The Place
  12. Thousands of One, History, Soulforce
  13. Yothu Yindi, Treaty
  14. Naanae Maharaja, I am the Emperor, Dance Raja Dance
  15. Aase Hechchagide, Desire Soars up High, Dance Raja Dance
  16. Lila Downs, La Cumbia de Mole,
  17. Tinariwen, Tenere Taquim, Tassili
  18. Bali, Music of Bali, (Celestial Harmonies)
  19. Rahim Al Haj, Sunset of the City, Iraqi Music in a Time of War
  20. Cheb Sabbah, Esh Dani Alash Msheet, La Kahena
  21. Shabaz, Rihaee,
  22. Cheb Mami, Azwaw, Mei Mei
  23. Shonen Knife, Kappa Ex
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